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    Smart locker systems - Manage, secure, and track portable company assets

    When your business relies on the portability of laptops, tablets, radios, testing equipment, and other important assets, it’s essential to implement a reliable system to carefully monitor the whereabouts of each item.

    Deister Electronics offers just the thing: smart locker solutions with RFID-powered access control. Our digital storage lockers give you full management capabilities:

    • Store portable company assets in secure digital lockers
    • Set permissions for digital storage lockers so that only authorized people can access important company assets
    • Ensure that employees only take the items they are authorized to use
    • Keep track of where your assets are, who has them, and if and when they were returned to their designated lockers
    • Record all authorizations, retrievals, and returns

    Deister’s smart locker solutions give you full control of your company’s shared assets, and helps you enforce accountability by providing you with detailed reports of each item’s condition upon return.

    With our smart lockers, you can make your assets available to the people who need them, when they need them.

    Benefits at a glance

    Intelligent asset management

    Automate procedures to facilitate the secure issuance of assets from intelligent lockers to authorized personnel. Manage access control credentials and set parameters as needed.

    Web-based administration

    Manage your smart locker systems across multiple locations with Deister Electronics’ web-based software.

    Software suited for diverse applications

    Highly configurable software lets you implement the features and modules that best suit your application. User definable reports provide you with detailed information on all access to the smart storage lockers.

    Emergency operation mode

    All lockers remain operational – even in the case of a power or network failure. All data is stored locally, and an integrated emergency battery ensures continuous operation.

    Integrated charging

    Deister’s smart locker solutions help you ensure assets are ready for the next shift by charging items while they are stored in the locker. Easily view the charging status of any item in the locker.

    Quality Guaranteed

    Deister Electronics’ smart storage solutions are designed and manufactured to meet the protection, security, and management requirements of the most demanding applications.

    Maintenance-free, thanks to RFID technology

    Using the power of RFID technology, you can easily identify and manage important equipment and other high value items by attach an RFID transponder to any asset stored in the smart lockers. Since the asset ID is uniquely stored in the RFID chip, all removals and returns are automatically detected by the antenna installed in the locker and logged in the software for important audit trail information.

    RFID chips do not require a battery and are completely maintenance free with an unlimited service life.

    • No battery required
    • Contactless for minimal wear and tear

    A complete portfolio of smart storage lockers for electronic asset monitoring and tracking

    Our portfolio of intelligent storage lockers is completely modular and available in different sizes and configurations that can be easily combined to create a solution that is perfectly suited for your organization.

    flexx – Scalable and modular key cabinets

    flexx key cabinets are scalable, modular systems that can accommodate your current needs with the ability to easily scale at any time.

    Choose a flexx key cabinet in the size and design of your choice – from 8 to 324 keyTag capacity. Its modular construction allows you to integrate the cabinets into your current wall design, and each cabinet features your choice of solid steel or glass door. Customize the keyTag spacing in the cabinet to accommodate keys of all sizes and shapes, including groups of keys (grouped by vehicle fleets, project, etc.) that may require more space.

    True to its name, flexx cabinets make it easy to transition from a small to a larger system.

    Flexible recharging and storage solutions

    Just as its name implies, the Deister flexx portfolio of cabinets offers the flexibility of myriad different size cabinets to provide diverse storage options. Securely store holders for radio handsets or slots for keys – all storage options are individually adapted to suit the corresponding device.

    You can safely store and manage different devices in the same cabinet and even integrate a battery charging station. A charge status display gives you the ability to issue only fully charged devices while others remain securely locked in the cabinet to be charged.

    bloxx – Modular system for smart storage and asset management

    The bloxx system is ideally suited for the administration and storage of car keys and vehicle documents. bloxx consists of modules and can be assembled as required. There are different modules available, e.g. 10 wide or 20 narrow drawers. As an option it is possible to fit each drawer with an RFID reader.

    The bloxx system is operated via a 17-inch touch screen. In addition, other features such as cameras can be integrated to capture documents. bloxx provides the freedom to use a third-party PC and operating software.

    Deister’s bloxx system is ideal for the smart storage of car keys and vehicle documents, as well as other important assets.

    An extremely modular system, bloxx lets you build your ideal solution; for example, use 10 wide or 20 narrow drawers and add an optional RFID reader and even a camera to maximize asset control and management.

    Unify security with powerful web-based software

    Commander Connect is our intuitive web-based software platform where you can manage key management, smart storage, vehicle use, access control, and proof of visit systems. It can work as a standalone system connected directly to your proxSafe key cabinet or can be used in a virtual environment to support an enterprise solution.

    Commander Connect’s SQL backend database combines with the durable and rugged cabinets to provide a reliable security solution you can count on.


    Weapons management

    Reliably safeguard weapons with or without ammunition. Each individual compartment is electronically monitored so that only authorized users can gain access.

    Equipment management

    Secure and issue devices to authorized individuals whenever they need them. With Deister Electronics’ smart storage systems, you can monitor the use of assets and ensure their availability.

    Radio handset management

    Organize, safely store and automatically charge radio handsets, electronically monitor their removal and return. Integrated charging stations ensure the radio handsets are always ready for use.