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Complete Laundry and Textile Management

For laundries, hospitals, care facilities and healthcare facilities, it can be challenging to manage the inventory of workwear, uniforms, towels, aprons and more.

Deister Electronics’ Laundry Management System leverages the power of RFID-enabled teXtag® technology to record possession and usage of every tagged garment. Our intelligent cabinets or full ‘walk-in’ room solutions automate and optimize laundry inventory by reading data from washable textag transponders attached to each piece of laundry.

The solution offers a cost-effective solution for healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and industrial sectors by helping to reduce errors in the washing and dispensing process and making it faster and easier for employees to access clean textiles and garments.


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Benefits at a glance

Fast Access

Employees can access textiles and garments in less than 5 seconds; accurate monitoring and recording of data is never disrupted, even when multiple employees access the cabinet or room at the same time.

Reduce Costs

Use the system’s accurate data to learn exactly which items need to be replaced, allowing you to only purchase garments you need.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Provide better information to your customers and eliminate discrepancies and disputes.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce manual labor by eliminating most manual tasks.

Automate Inventory

Innovative textag technology helps you automate your inventory for optimal accuracy.

Eliminate Loss

Reliable textags help eliminate 99% of laundry loss associated with daily activity.

Smart Transponders

teXtag technology: Reliable electronic identification

Labelling each garment with our patented teXtag transponder enables automatic management of clothing and reliable documentation of its lifecycle.

Each textag transponders can be programmed with specific encrypted data such as color, size, washing temperature, date of purchase, etc. The tags withstand compression, exposure to detergents and chemicals, and the high temperature requirements of laundry and sterilization processes.



Help employees get to work more quickly

Strategically place Deister Electronics’ intelligent texCabinets where employees need them to reduce time returning or acquiring garments and linens. Several users can simultaneously access garments from a single cabinet, virtually eliminating wait times.

The intelligent cabinets automatically identify users and their respective garments, storing all transaction information locally until the data is transferred to the central management system.

The cabinets are compact and space-efficient, each able to store up to 700 textile items in one square meter of floor space.

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Clothes dispensing and return cabinets

Flexible and seamless expansion for each supply level

texCabinet TCD 200 (Dispense)

The laundry dispenser cabinets are designed for quick access. Simply hold your ID card in front of the reader integrated in the door handle and remove the laundry in less than 5 seconds. Access permissions are easily managed by our software.


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texCabinet TCR 50 (Return)

To return laundry, the user simply drops the laundry pieces into the opening of the return cabinet. The laundry is automatically identified by the cabinet. When the cabinet is completely full, the garment bag inside can be changed quickly and easily.


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texCabinet TCR 250 (Return)

With the large TCR 250 laundry return station, up to 300 textiles can be returned. The return system is designed for all common laundry trolleys and is ideal for large systems with high circulation rates.


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Operates like a fully automated walk-in closet

Using the power of teXtag technology, Deister Electronics’ texRooms let you outfit any room in your facility to operate like a walk-in wardrobe. Authorized employees enter the room to retrieve tagged items while the sensors discreetly read the data on the tags – all in less than a minute.

The laundry is simply returned using the return cabinets which are placed in logistically sensible locations. The wearer simply deposits used laundry in the cabinet, and it is automatically recorded.

  • Efficient and reliable detection of wearers and garments
  • Extremely fast acquisition and return process
  • 24/7 inventory management and monitoring
commander connect software

Commander Connect software: central management at the click of a button

Deister Electronics’ Commander Connect software simplifies the management, allocation and administration of your laundry management system. Through its intuitive interface, you’ll always have complete visibility of laundry and garment inventory as well as reliable and accurate information about the usage and total lifecycle of every garment.

With 99.9 % accuracy, you’ll know your inventory – which items are loss leaders, which need more frequent purchase, and which employees may need more frequent garment assignments.


Commander Connect software in detail

Consult with the experts at Deister Electronics

Develop your laundry management program with the innovators who can provide the technology and expertise to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Together, we can customize and integrate a smart system that will lower your operational costs while improving productivity and efficiency.


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