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    doorLoxx Intelligent Wireless Access Control: Untethered Security

    doorLoxx wireless solutions from Deister Electronics offers a highly reliable and cost-effective way to bring access control to any business.

    The doorLoxx portfolio includes intelligent keyless locks that are battery-operated and exchange data wirelessly, significantly reducing the cost of cable and installation. doorLoxx wireless locks leverage security best practices, including high-security credential technology and AES 128-bit and TLS1.2 encryption to provide a secure, dependable access control experience.


    • Reduces costs of cable and installation
    • Simple upgrade path from standalone to networked
    • Capacitive wake-up to save battery life
    • Supports high-security credential technology and AES 128-bit encryption

    Key Benefits of doorLoxx Wireless Access Control

    Energy-Saving Wireless Technology

    Deister’s airLink wireless technology efficiently integrates digital locking components.

    Low Maintenance

    Up to 5 years battery life with as many as 80,000 activations.

    Reduces Cost

    No cables = lower cost in materials and installation.

    Retrofit Any Door

    Can be retrofitted to existing latch bolts and doors.

    Key Override

    Key override function provides enhanced security.

    Durable and Reliable

    Durable mechanics and battle-tested design ensure long product lifetime.

    doorLoxx: Intelligent Wireless Access Control for All Doors

    Deister Electronics’ doorLoxx portfolio includes a variety of formats to offer the right access control solution for all doors and applications. All digital locking components feature separate mechanics and reading technology to ensure the highest security and to simplify system updates. 

    Intelligent Wireless Locks

    Easily retrofit to any door

    Deister Electronics’ Intelligent Wireless Locks (ANSI Grade 2) are built to last. Durable mechanics and user-centric design are built to withstand rough usage and ensure very long product lifetime. The digital locks support Mifare Classic and DESFire EV1, NFC, Bluetooth, iClass Serial Number, Legic Advant.

    • Easily retrofit to an existing door
    • Key override (standard, SFIC)
    • Works with tubular, cylindrical and mortise latch
    • Fits doors hung on the left or right
    • Supports up to 1,500 users
    • 5 years battery life (80,000 activations)

    Intelligent Wireless Cylinders

    Compact design, universal solution

    Deister Electronics’ compact digital cylinders are designed for doors that can’t easily be fitted with intelligent locks. Installed as easily as a mechanical cylinder, the digital cylinders can be configured up to 16 different length combinations. 

    • Compact design and easy retrofit to any door
    • Equipped with anti-drilling protection
    • Supports up to 1,500 users
    • 5-year battery life (80,000 activations)
    • Easily replace batteries without removing cylinder

    Electronic cabinet lock

    Digital cabinet lock DCL 3 – Your individual cabinets or lockers go digital

    Secure storage of valuables in cabinets or lockers – with the reliable and electronic cabinet and furniture lock from deister electronic. The elegant electronic lock with its timeless design does not require any cables, can be installed quickly and can be centrally managed  with our Commander Connect software. Integration into a professional building and asset management software is possible at any time.

    In addition to common reading technologies such as MIFARE® DESFire and LEGIC®, the lock also supports Bluetooth™, which means that it can be conveniently opened with a mobile phone. In addition, the patent-pending energy management system allows a battery life of up to 60,000 activations, which is twice as much as most other cabinet locks on the market.

    So, if you are looking for a cabinet lock that can be used individually, is rugged and features unrivalled energy management, then look no further than the DCL 3 digital cabinet lock from deister electronic.

    • All common reading technologies are supported and can be changed at any time
    • Long battery life of up to 60,000 activations
    • Available with various levers
    • Elegant design, which fits into office furniture, cabinets and lockers
    • Easy to install and dismantle

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    doorLoxx as a Networked Solution or Data-on-Card

    Versatile wireless access control to meet any business need

    doorLoxx solutions let you enjoy the benefits of wireless access control your way.
    Choose Deister Electronics’ Local Data mode for networked access control or leverage the power of Deister Cardnet for a standalone solution featuring data on card.

    deister Cardnet (Data-on-Card)

    In Local Data mode, all access data is stored locally in the intelligent lock’s memory and all locks are wirelessly connected using Deister Electronics’ proprietary airLink which is a safer, more reliable and energy-efficient alternative to traditional WiFi.

    You can use virtually any credential and all events (open, force open, privacy mode) are sent to the system in real-time.

    • Large wireless range of up to 90 feet indoors
    • airLink Spot can connect unlimited locks
    • 128-bit AES encryption
    • POE-powered airLink Spots help maximize battery lifetime 
    • Works with almost any credential

    Alternatively, using Deister Cardnet all access rights, time profiles, and calendar profiles are stored on a user’s credential.

    This innovative system architecture allows standalone intelligent locks to read, receive and write data onto the credentials. 

    Users update their credentials regularly (e.g. every day as they enter the office, visit a site, etc.) using strategically placed “Updaters”. These devices operate like traditional readers: they open doors while uploading/downloading user-related data to permit, control or deny access. In short, Updaters “update” the credential to ensure the highest level of security. 

    • Lean and cost-effective system infrastructure
    • Very scalable
    • Extremely secure with up-to-date access data
    • Real-time event upload, optional

    System Architecture Comparison

    deister Cardnet (Data-on-Card)deister Local Data (Networked)
    24/7 Real-Time MonitoringYesYes
    Assign holiday schedulesManually for each lockRemotely via Software
    Audit TrailYesYes
    Installs in Standard Door PrepYesYes
    Number of SitesUnlimitedUnlimited
    Number of LocksUnlimitedUnlimited
    Number of Users per LocksUnlimitedUnlimited
    Total Number of UsersUnlimitedUnlimited
    Update Access rightsUpdate CredentialWirelessly via radio signal
    Realtime EventsYesYes
    Heartbeat with Battery StatusYesYes
    Assign lock & unlock schedulesManually for each lockWirelessley via radio signal
    Credentialsdeister smartframe
    Mifare Classic
    Mifare DESFire EV1/2
    iClass serial number
    TimeprofilesPer UsersPer Lock

    Reader Technologies

    All Intelligent Locks are developed with a modular concept. The reader technology is a separate module, which can also be changed individually. The reader module is standardized and fits into all  Intelligent Locks. That makes it easy to keep your access control system futureproof.

    • All popular reading technologies are supported
    • Easy exchange of reading technology
    • System can stay up to date without much effort or cost

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