Unified Security and Asset Management Solutions

Deister Electronics is a leader in integrated and secure RFID-based security and automation solutions, all configured and brought together by our powerful software management solution – Commander Connect.

Connected systems

Central Management Software

Commander Connect software seamlessly connects all Deister Electronics’ systems into one unified solution. From its intuitive interface, administrators can manage assets, configure settings, and program cards and PINs for any connected system.

By centralizing system management, you can:

  • Reduce time distributing assets
  • Ensure that access to keys and other valuables is given to the right people
  • Track the usage of company keys and other assets
  • Gather data for inventory auditing
  • Accurately assess asset lifecycles
  • Reduce the security risk in your facility

Scalable, flexible, future-proof

Starting with Commander Connect means starting right – with a solution that can easily grow and expand over time as needs change. You may only need a small single-location configuration today but tomorrow you need extra functionality or security for additional locations. Commander Connect can be easily scaled according to your needs and whenever you need it.

Our hardened solutions employ proven cyber security techniques including authenticated system access to ensure the protection of your connected computers, networks, software, and data.

Commander Connect supports all Deister solutions and integrates with a wide range of trusted security and business applications.

Commander Connect Graphic

AMAG Symmetry

Deister Electronics’ solutions integrate with AMAG’s Symmetry physical access control system to allow you to seamlessly synchronize user data, item information and access rights.

Software House C·CURE 9000

Deister Electronics offers a very deep integration with the Software House C·CURE 9000, embedding the Deister solution directly into the access control system’s interface and syncing a wide range of user and item information.

Genetec Security Center

Deister Electronics is a member of Genetec’s technology partner program, and we offer a fully integrated interface with their Security Center access control system.

Lenel OnGuard

Deister Electronics offers deep integrations with Lenel’s OnGuard access control system with continuous support for ongoing versions.


AMAG Symmetry

deister’s solutions are fully integrated with AMAG’s symmetry allowing to seamlessly sync user data, item information and access rights.

C.Cure 9000

We offer a very deep integration into Software House’s C.Cure 9000 syncing a wide range of user and item information.


Being an official member of Genetec’s technology partner program we offer a fully integrated interface with Genetec.

Lenel OnGuard

We offer deep integration for various OnGuard versions with continuous support, enabling seamless integration with our solutions.