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    Digital safe for onsite storage

    Monitor, secure, and restrict access to keys for vehicles, rooms, and gates in your facility with Deister’s Digital Safes. Used as either a standalone system or as part of a fully integrated access control system, the Digital Safe can be opened using credentials or via app – the reading technology is freely selectable and all popular reading technologies such as mifare®, NFC™ or Bluetooth® are supported.

    Protected with a weatherproof IP65 housing, the battery-operated Digital Safe can be used anywhere, including parking lots, restricted-access gates, and remote transmitting stations. The safe can be installed flush with the wall to ensure the highest possible mechanical and weather protection.

    Benefits at a glance

    Weatherproof construction

    Each digital safe is built with a weatherproof IP65 metal housing that can withstand all climates and ensure the protection of its contents.

    Supports NFC and Bluetooth technologies

    Deister’s Digital Safe supports contactless, smart identification technologies including Bluetooth®, mifare®, and NFC™.

    Long battery life

    No need for frequent maintenance as Deister’s Digital Safe boasts long battery life.

    Quality Guaranteed

    Deister’s Digital Safes are designed and manufactured to meet the protection, security, and identification requirements of the most demanding applications.

    Flexible access options

    Authorized personnel can open a Digital Safe using credentials or mobile apps.

    Carefully designed for storage convenience

    Each Deister Digital Safe has a ribbed exterior to ensure easy mounting and is a compact 70mm diameter – perfectly designed to fit ISO cards, keys, and key fobs.

    The secure digital safe for onsite storage

    Safe storage of keys, credentials or valuables

    Whether installed outdoors in remote locations or flush-mounted in a wall, a Deister Electronics’ Digital Safe offers a secure place for your keys or valuables on site. Each safe has been thoughtfully designed to store keys, ISO cards and larger key rings, while still providing a sleek, covert solution.

    Gain peace of mind knowing that your employees have easy access to secure, onsite, outdoor storage for keys and access cards. Our digital safes allow you to remotely manage keys and ensure their timely return without requiring workers to report to a central location. Decentralizing key storage with the Digital Safe makes the return of keys and ISO cards easier and more convenient for employees and managers in large work sites.

    • Weatherproof
    • Perfectly fits keys and ID cards in a compact design
    • Standalone or part of an integrated access control system

    1 - Reader unit

    Supports all common reading technologies, including Bluetooth®, NFC, and mifare® and can be changed at any time for a future-proof solution.

    2 - Cover

    Rubber-sealed with a reliable locking mechanism to protect the safe’s contents.

    3 - Optional RFID Slot

    Every removal and return is electronically documented via optional RFID.

    4 - Metal Housing

    Sturdy, compact, and weatherproof, the IP65 metal body has a corrugated surface that ensures a firm grip when flush-mounted on a wall or concrete post.

    Monitor Digital Safe contents

    Optional RFID technology for monitoring

    You can monitor the removal and return of items to the digital safe using an optional RFID-slot and keyTag dongle. Each time an item is removed and returned, the keyTag’s built-in RFID chip is read and electronically logs the time of use.

    Commander Connect

    Centralize the management of your remote digital safes, anytime.

    Commander Connect is our intuitive web-based software platform where you can manage digital storage, key management, vehicle use, access control, and proof of visit systems. It can work as a standalone system connected directly to your Digital Safes or can be used in a virtual environment to support an enterprise solution.

    Commander Connect’s SQL backend database combines with the durable and rugged cabinets and safes to provide a reliable security solution you can count on.


    Widespread infrastructure

    Sprawling facilities with isolated locations are perfect applications for Deister’s Digital Safes. Enjoy the convenience of secure storage even in remote sites.

    Safely store valuables

    Deister’s Digital Safes give you an excellent option to securely store all valuables, indoors or outdoors.

    Convenient master key access for first responders

    Ensure that essential keys are easily accessible to emergency responders by mounting Digital Safes in strategic locations throughout your organization.

    On-the-spot key access

    Boost efficiency by conveniently storing keys near frequently used rooms, equipment, and facilities. Car parks, laboratories, cleaning room are ideal applications for Digital Safes.

    Additional Solutions for Expansive Environments

    Cloud Control Modules

    Using Deister Electronics’ Cloud Control modules, you can remotely integrate Deister Digital Safes and other systems via the mobile network without having to rely on a local IT department. Additional devices such as lights, gates or shutters can also be controlled via additional outputs on the cloud control modules. The highly secure encrypted communication offers maximum security.

    • Independent of local IT infrastructure
    • Highly secure data communication using the mobile network
    • Remote access and live monitoring

    Whitepaper PDF

    Smart 4

    Standalone key system

    Deister Electronics’ Smart 4 electronic key cabinet has 4 slots to manage keys or bundles of keys and operates autonomously. It is initially synchronized with the Commander Connect management software and can then be installed as a standalone system.

    Use the management software to generate temporary PINs with access rights to one or more of the 4 keys. Those rights will expire after a defined period, informing the user via SMS, email or mobile app.

    • Standalone or integrated with the security system
    • Uses PIN2 Access technology to generate temporary valid PINs with individual access rights
    • May also be used as an access control unit for doors

    Whitepaper PDF

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