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    Eliminate the risk of legacy access control systems

    No security professional wants to stick with an outdated security solution. The risk, liability and life-safety concerns alone can cause sleep loss. But the resources and costs associated with migrating to a new access control system can sometimes delay organizations from adopting modern access control technology.

    With its RFID heritage and deep security expertise, Deister Electronics is uniquely positioned to help your company transition to a highly secure and flexible proximity access control system

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    Minimize costs by integrating existing credentials into a new access control system.

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    Modernize Your Access Control System with Deister Electronics

    With Deister Electronics, you get the very best of German engineering combined with decades of security and RFID expertise. We employ best practices for secure encryption and data protection and provide a new level of convenience to administrators and credential users.

    Our unique layered security approach uses the most current open global standard technologies such as Mifare DESFire EV1/2 (embodying AES) credentials and compliant readers; and OSDP2 as the protocol between reader and controller. 



    • Secure management of your system’s encryption keys give you complete control over the system while simplifying management of readers and credentials
    • Mutual authentication between the reader and the credential provides best-in-class protection of message integrity 
    • Leverage open global standards that are regularly reviewed, checked and verified by official authorities (including NIST) to ensure the most secure access control 
    • Secure encryption helps eliminate security breaches of your access control system

    Securely store identity information

    Carry your access control and ID cards with confidence thanks to Smartframe® encryption data model that protects your identity data at all times. 

    It is a portable ID that can be programmed on any credential, from ID cards, fobs or mobile credentials on your smartphone.

    Transparent Reader Mode eliminates reader vulnerabilities

    By design, access control readers are placed in unsecured areas which can introduce vulnerability to hackers. Deister Electronics offers a powerful Transparent Reader Mode which allows readers to operate without containing any sensitive information or data. Instead, that information is embedded into a cipher box which is connected to the reader via an encrypted channel but located in a secure area. The communication between the reader and cipher box is encrypted, helping to eliminate opportunities for hacking. 


    Deister Electronics offers the flexibility to select communication protocols and present a consistent interface to the access control reader. deBus is similar but a more secure option to OSDP and works on a RS485 interface.

    Cipher Card offers supplier independence

    Deister Electronics’ Cipher Card™ simplifies the management of your access control system while maintaining the highest level of security. The Cipher Card™ replaces vulnerable passwords or other cumbersome security measures by securely storing your system’s unique security data and enabling authorization of readers and creation of identification media or smartcards. 

    With your own unique Cipher Card™ you remain independent of any supplier – even from us (what other technology supplier offers that?)  Your access control system is suddenly easier to install and manage and totally protected from exposure of your critical encryption key(s). 

    Manage Cipher Cards™ Your Way

    We will securely store your Cipher Card and manage the product of ID cards and the provisioning of readers for ultimate convenience.



    Self – Managed

    Manage your Cipher Card yourself to enjoy maximum independence and control over your system.


    End-to-End Project Management and Consulting

    Deister Electronics has the expertise to help you choose the right security technology – from defining the best employee ID and access control card, conducting hardware and software technical reviews, and evaluating specific use cases. Whether you are a system operator, solution provider, or security end user, we’ll consult closely with you to help improve operations and boost security.

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    Modernize your access control system with Legacy Connect Service

    Transitioning to modern technology shouldn’t be difficult or expensive, nor should you have to worry about losing years’ worth of data or your investment in previous security systems.

    Deister Electronics employs its deep RFID expertise with our Legacy Connect Service, a consultative service that helps you seamlessly migrate from old, vulnerable technologies to a modern, secure and cost-effective solution.  

    With Legacy Connect, you can modernize your access control protocols, keep costs manageable, and ensure the integration proceeds as smoothly as possible.


    The Deister Electronics team works with you to determine a credential technology that best suits your security profile and shows you how to implement best practices in credential management processes and production to avoid security breaches. 

    Our Triple Technology™ readers support a seamless transition to new technology where old credentials can either be updated on the go through our readers or transitioned over time while old credentials are still being used in parallel to minimize disruptions to your organization.


    Integrate mobile devices and use our trusted cloud services to future-proof your access control system. All of Deister Electronics’ readers offer Bluetooth connectivity and we offer retrofit adapters to enable existing readers to communicate via Bluetooth.


    Infinity Readers™ may be the last readers you’ll ever need.

    Leveraging Deister Electronics’ Triple Technology™, Infinity Readers support 3 different reading technologies allowing both card credentials and mobile credentials to be read by the same reader. 

    Triple Technology™ supports the seamless transition from old technology to new proximity and smart card technology without interrupting your daily operation. 

    deister Connect

    deisterConnect: Delivering smart security and mobility

    Today, smart devices such as phones or watches can be used for so much more: to open doors, manage smart storage, access secured assets, raise or lower gates, etc. 

    Deister Electronics offers the tools you need to operate in this fast-moving, mobile world with deisterConnect, a cloud-based security model that supports mobile services like the sharing economy, mobile access, system as a service, or remote management.

    With deisterConnect, mobile credentials are securely generated in the Cloud and brought onto smart devices – at the touch of a button and with complete protection against hackers or other cybercrimes. 

    For ultimate convenience, download the deisterWallet app to securely store all your mobile credentials.

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    Infinity Reader™:
    Flexible and Future-Proof

    Powered by Deister Electronics’ Triple Technology, the Infinity Reader™ supports 125kHz, 13.56MHz and provides an interface for an optional third reading technology of choice, e.g. Bluetooth.
    All Infinity Readers™ support remote firmware updates, and custom encryption keys and interface configurations can be remotely uploaded even when the reader is already installed and in operation.
    Flexible and future-proof, the Infinity Reader™ may be the last reader you will ever need.

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    Open Security Standards: One Standard for Access Control

    Deister Electronics is one of the founding members of the Open Security Standards (OSS) Association, the forum that defines the standards for access control systems.
    From our software and ID cards to our intelligent wireless locks and online readers, Deister solutions are fully compliant with OSS.
    With Deister and OSS you have the best of both worlds: Deister’s RFID expertise and renowned product quality and the independence and flexibility of open standards.

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