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Law Enforcement Solutions

Increase Safety and Reduce Administrative Burden

Law enforcement agencies have complex facilities managed by strict policies. There are evidence centers that must follow chain-of-custody protocols, armories, weapon lockers, facility keys, cell keys, and vehicle keys. Whether you manage a local police department, or a major correctional facility, deister electronic has the solutions you need to securely manage physical keys and sensitive assets.

Our RFID solutions improve the safety of your facility, help you track down keys, provide certainty of firearm location, support chain-of-custody requirements, help manage vehicle assignment, and improve vehicle identification and access.

  • Efficient key and asset administration
  • Increase accountability and awareness
  • Simplify auditing and policy enforcement
  • Support chain-of-custody requirements
  • Enhance firearm safety and security

Evidence Handling

Secure asset management with simple auditing and RFID access control

Fleet Management

Turnkey solution for vehicle assignment, access, and maintenance tracking

Physical Plant

De-centralized key management to prevent loss and improve efficiency

Firearm Security

Keyless storage for simple securing auditing, tracking, and alerting

Evidence Handling

Collecting, storing, and distributing evidence must follow strict regulations and chain-of-custody requirements. Deister’s Smart Storage Solution can alert you of new drop-offs, audit material handling, and manage access for drop-off and pick up.  Deister’s Smart Storage solution is a great alternative to one-way lockers, managing material in less space and providing simple reporting for transaction history.

  • Meet chain-of-custody requirement
  • Integrates with physical access control systems
  • Defined drop-off and pick-up roles
  • Simple auditing and alerting

Fleet Management

Police Cars - Law Enforcement

Equipping your fleet with RFID tags and managing car keys with key management systems can decentralize fleet management, track maintenance, and automate access to restricted garages and parking lots. No need to update assignment board, simply present your keyTag and grab your assigned car keys. For larger fleets, tracking maintenance can be as simple as reading the tag at maintenance or washing stations. With deister’s proxSafe Key Management and tranSpeed Vehicle Identification solutions you can improve vehicle security, support maintenance policies, and reduce administrative burden related to fleet management.

  • Track keys and easily assign vehicles
  • Security and automate lot access with vehicle identification
  • Integrate with fleet management software for a holistic solution to track maintenance, assign vehicles based on utilization, wear, and availability

Physical Plant

While most of your facility will be managed by RFID access control, there are car keys, armory keys, cell keys, master keys, and physical assets to protect. Setting policies on access control systems is simple. However, enforcing policies on physical keys and devices can be a burden. With our proxSafe Key and Asset Management Systems you can set curfews, alerts, and notify the user and central station of any issue. Access can be administered through your existing access control system.

  • Secure armories and provide safe, temporary firearm storage
  • Easily reserve and manage shared devices
  • Track, secure, and assign keys
  • Integrate physical key and asset management with access control systems

Firearm Security

weapon locker

Keeping firearms out of the wrong hands is serious business when processing arrests and entering lockup areas. Training on and adhering to these policies help ensure a safe environment, but relying on learned behavior alone is a risk you cannot afford.

Standard lockers provide security, but lack the capacity for central reporting, alerting, or auditing. Deister’s networked, Smart Storage systems can notify monitoring stations of gun transactions and help you enforce firearm safety policies.

  • Keyless access for temporary firearm storage
  • Easily audit, alert, and enforce firearm policies
  • Provide centralized lock down and location of firearms

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