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    Healthcare Solutions

    deister electronics USA offers a portfolio of RFID solutions that improve security, reduce loss and lower administrative burden. Our systems provide transaction history, centralized control, self-service capabilities, and integrations with Physical Access Control and Fleet Management applications.

    • Improve Access
    • Enhance Security
    • Support Loss Prevention
    • Reduce Administrative Burden

    Vehicle Key Management

    Assign vehicles, track utilization, simplify administration of vehicle keys, and more!

    Healthcare Facility Key Management

    Manage physical keys, prevent loss, and reduce administrative burden with ease in your facility.

    Smart Asset Storage

    Protect, track and manage the use of valuable equipment, restricted medications, patient records and mobile devices.

    Vehicle Monitoring and Access Control

    Provide quick access to specific employees and prevent patient traffic from interfering with operations.

    Textile Management

    Real-time availability and accurate reporting on specific textiles and laundry for controlling inventory levels.

    Vehicle Key Management

    With proxSafe Key Management, you can assign vehicles, track utilization, and simplify administration of vehicle keys. Key Management systems help ensure keys to ambulances and other service vehicles are available when needed. You can also set curfews and alerts on keys to enforce return policies.

    • Easily manage vehicle keys
    • Centralized management and self-service capabilities
    • Integrates with fleet management and maintenance software

    Smart Asset Storage

    Hospitals contain valuable equipment, restricted medications, and mobile devices. proxSafe Smart Asset Management Systems provide secure access for authorized personnel and an auditable record of transactions. Smart Asset Storage is especially powerful when sharing devices. You can track utilization, identify current user, manage return policies, and much more.

    • Secure storage lockers for staff
    • Auditable access to medications
    • Manage and track shared devices
    • Report on historical usage to determine inventory
    • Provide visibility to previous and current users

    Textile Management

    On-premises texTag solutions provide real-time availability and accurate reporting on cycles and on service volume. Keep your inventory lean, ample supply, and cycle out scrubs and linens based on usage rather than a date range.

    • Accurate usage reporting on linen and scrubs
    • Easily manage inventory levels
    • Auditable reporting for laundering service contracts