TranSpeed Vehicle Identification

deister tranSpeed Kits

  • Reliably identify vehicles
  • Cost-efficient
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Easily manage parking facilities


The fast and reliable long-range identification solution automatically identifies both drivers and vehicles in any weather conditions. Waiting for vehicle access and exit areas are a thing of the past. Ideal for parking lots, traffic management and free-flowing vehicle access control (AVI). The technology is also suitable for monitoring rail traffic as well as vehicle access barriers in city centers, airports and at toll roads. Thanks to numerous interfaces it is possible to integrate tranSpeed seamlessly into other control systems – but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution. There is a wide range of transponders available; these include robust heavy-duty transponders and self-adhesive stickers for windscreens and ISO cards, which perfectly combine two reader technologies.


Starter Kit Contents:

Reader: 1x TSU 200
Mount: 1x LRM 4
Controller: 1x IDC 2-E V2
Software: 1x Commander Connect Basic / 1 Admin
Transponders: 20x TPU 3082 Windshield Transponder,
20x TPU 7411 Dual Card Technology Transponder 20x CH6 Card Holder
Accessories: Power supply 24V/DC 2.5A,
POC UHF (Proof of Communication Device) 4x ISO Test Transponder,
1x Cable TSU 200 to IDC 2-E V2 (10 m / 33 ft.


Extension Kit Contents:

Reader: 1x TSU 200
Mount: 1x LRM 4
Accessories: 1x Connection cable TSU 200 to IDC 2-E V2 (10 m / 33 ft.)

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