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In a facility setting, traditional asset management means collecting critical data, and auditing your inventory regularly. This can prove to be a hassle maintaining records and reviewing various logs. This is especially difficult if inventory and utilization is tracked manually, as there are many data points to consider such as:

  • Date an asset was put into service
  • Maintenance records
  • Assigned users
  • Time actually in service
  • Time on the shelf

The data allows you to build a profile of asset deployment that can be analyzed and refined. From there you can determine usage patterns, identify points where assets are underused or in short supply. Now with the help of deister, you can upgrade your facility to a smart asset management system and remove tedious steps of manual data collection and log reviews, creating a more streamlined data set that can be easily analyzed.

Smart asset technology incorporates RFID chips, tags, and readers, smart storage cabinetry, and real-time information to help the plant manager identify and monitor:

  • Potential sharing: knowing when a device was checked out last
  • Availability: a text notification appears when a device is returned. You can also track if a device is checked out longer than necessary.
  • Utilization: How often was 100% of something in use? Conversely, how often was it unavailable? From that you can decide if you need more (or fewer) assets to drive efficiency.
  • Curfews: set time limits on devices to alert managers that all must be returned at end-of-shift.
  • Security: require tools be returned to their proper places.

These examples are further evidence that by incorporating our smart storage solutions your company will save money, become more efficient, and in the end waste less time and ensure that everything is where it should be at all times. Smart asset management is the effective way to optimize your inventory.

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