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Keys have always been used to secure access to doors, vehicles and safes, providing safety, security and protecting the things we value. Thus it’s ironic that most access control systems don’t offer a solution to secure physical keys.

What happens to valuable items or spaces that are protected by lock and key when you lose the key? Moreover, the consequences of poor key management can result in lost time, money and asset utilization. The costs to your business can be significant, for example:

  • Lost keys
    • Time spent determining who last had the key, tracking them down and possibly bringing them back from an assignment to return the keys
    • Personnel time traveling to/from a vendor location where keys are made
    • Costs of having new keys made professionally
    • Costs to re-key doors and provide new keys at each location
  • Manual Management of keys
    • Space used for a key management desk
    • Training for personnel involved in key management
    • Continuous personnel costs for managing keys
  • Room & asset utilization
    • The cost of an empty room due to temporarily misplaced keys
    • The cost of having duplicates of certain assets that are under-utilized due to poor asset management.

Deister Electronics, on the other hand, has a long and storied history in the Physical Access Control System (PACS) market through its innovative and reliable proxEntry® reader product line.

In 2005, driven to improve key management, Deister introduced proxSafe®, which offered a new approach to physical key management and control. Initially conceived as a standalone “Key Box”, proxSafe® became a networked product within a year. Now, with the expansion in power and performance made possible by Deister’s intuitive Commander Connect® software platform, proxSafe® is a fully networked product with advanced capabilities for a wide range of asset management applications, including mobile devices, electronics, weapons, uniforms, linens and more.

As a result, Deister is trusted worldwide to help track keys, assets, vehicles and more throughout airports, healthcare facilities, commercial property, corrections facilities, casinos, educational campuses, government buildings. To learn more about how Deister can help you think beyond the doors, tune in for the next installment in this blog series.

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