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Save Space and Automate Audits with proxSafe Asset Management

Collecting evidence and managing chain-of-custody requirements can consume a lot of space and administrative time. With deister electronic’s, proxSafe Asset Management system, you can automate audits, provide ample security, and save space.

Save Space — With traditional, one-way lockers, the evidence is collected on one side and retrieved within a secured interior room. This arrangement effectively secures evidence and enforces the chain of custody. However, it requires two rooms. One room where evidence is entered, and another that is completely enclosed and secured with access control. proxSafe Asset Management systems manage drop-off and retrieval on one side through permission-based access control, making it an ideal solution when space is limited.

Audit Automation — Documenting evidence collection, retrieval, and auditing evidence chain-of-custody can be time-consuming. proxSafe Asset Management efficiently reports asset transactions including who accessed evidence, returned evidence, and how long the evidence was out. proxSafe can integrate with your physical access control system, simplifying access management and holistic reporting.

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deister electronic — Expanding its US Reach and Offering

deister electronic’s RFID technologies have been present in the US for many years and are found in security solutions businesses rely on daily. We are excited to build on 40+ years of RFID innovation with a growing line of physical security and asset management solutions in the US market. While our solutions support many industries around the world, we are particularly focused on the value we bring to healthcare facilities.

Our new US website launched on July 9th. Visit us online to learn about proxSafe Key Management, proxSafe Asset Management, tranSpeed Vehicle Identification, Fleet Management, Proof of Visit, Access Control, Weapons Management, and RFID Uniform solutions.

Welcome to the new site, take a look around, click here.

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