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    bloxx – Modular intelligent asset management

    bloxx in detail

    Manage, secure, and report on access to valuable and sensitive items with the bloxx asset management system by deister electronic. The bloxx system’s modular design can be configured to your needs. Whether you’re managing shared tools, prototypes, mobile devices, sensitive documents, or even firearms, bloxx has a compartment to suit most any need.

    We offer four control options to work with existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both to identify the user. One control terminal can support multiple bloxx systems. Our powerful software can integrate with existing systems or operate independently as a standalone solution.


    • Choice of control terminals
    • Flexible, modular design configures to your needs
    • Integrates with existing systems
    • Can operate as a self-contained, standalone solution
    • Powerful management and auditing software
    • Best-in-class design and durability


    • Improve access and security for shared assets
    • Reduce lost and misplaced equipment
    • Support auditing and chain-of-custody requirements


    Flexible, modular and space saving

    Select an enclosure and compartment configuration to meet your needs. By choosing modules sized for your assets, you can make efficient use of space. The system can be reconfigured or expanded to meet future needs. Below are some examples of various bloxx enclosures and storage compartment configurations.


    modules of bloxx

    A system for every application

    Storage compartment modules are available in several compartment sizes and form factors. Modules are available with drawers, lockers or slots for key management. The flexibility to mix and match allows for a system to be configured for a variety of equipment types and sizes. Integrated sensors create a high level of security and monitor all drawers, lockers and service doors. In the event of forced, unauthorized access, alarms can be generated locally and remotely.

    Drawers are available with an optional RFID reader to provide content identification. You can also select integrated USB charging ports for tablets, phones and other devices.


    User identification and control

    Gain access to bloxx compartments through your choice of control terminal. Terminals are available with keypad and touchscreen options. All include an integrated smartcard reader allowing the use of existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both to identify the user. One control terminal can connect to multiple bloxx systems.

    Commander Connect

    Connected systems

    Management and reporting

    Our intuitive software platform allows easy administration of assets. Commander Connect can control a range of deister systems, providing unified control. It is based on modern system architecture, popular with IT departments, making it is easy to deploy. Commander Connect is a server/thin client, web-based solution that has an SQL back-end database. You can operate bloxx with Commander Connect as a stand-alone system or easily scale to an enterprise solution in a virtual server environment. This powerful and flexible management tool supports custom reporting and alert notifications. The Commander Connect software can also integrate with 3rd party software such as access control systems.