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    Strengthen security by verifying guard tours
    and other required check-ins

    When you need reliable verification of required check-ins such as guard tours, equipment maintenance, office cleaning …even important feeding and wellness checks for zoo animals (true use case!), equip your facility with Deister Electronic’s dataLog proof-of-visit system. 

    The dataLog system consists of handheld data collectors, location checkpoints, and data transfer units, that combine accurate RFID technology with a simple and smart design ideal for any industrial, manufacturing, or commercial facility.

    Patrolling guards or others requiring proof-of-visit simply present the handheld guardiX data collector to a checkpoint device installed in strategic locations. The data collector reads the unique identification number at each checkpoint and the time the data was recorded. 

    For guard tour programs, dataLog highlights any potential issues such as excessive time gaps between roving guards or a missed checkpoint so you can proactively make changes to ensure the most efficient and secure patrol program. 

    Benefits at a glance

    No maintenance required

    Checkpoints do not require batteries or hard wiring that requires maintenance. The RFID-based proximity checkpoints are discreet and rugged, perfect for internal or external use in any weather condition.

    Long lasting and always ready to use

    The data collector can read up to 500,000 checkpoints from one pair of AA batteries. No recharging necessary and always ready to use.

    Long battery life

    Best in class operational time with the guardiX II being able to read up to 500,000 checkpoints from a pair of AA batteries. With no recharging necessary the collector is always ready to use.

    Connected systems

    Easily connect dataLog with other Deister systems to combine events and unify reporting.

    Smartly constructed and reliable

    Each component in the system is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The data collector is IP67 classified and has no buttons, switches or other external parts that are prone to failure.

    Backwards compatible

    guardiX II data collectors are backwards compatible and will work seamlessly with any previously installed dataLog checkpoint.

    RFID: The secret behind maintenance-free and reliable proof-of-visit

    Deister’s dataLog systems use RFID technology which allows checkpoints to be installed anywhere without requiring power supplies or other maintenance-demanding parts …even in the harshest weather conditions. 

    The RFID-based data collectors leverage contactless technology to provide an incredibly intuitive experience. A patrolling guard or other user requiring visit verification simply holds the data collector near the front of the checkpoint for a quick data read. Since no contact is required, the small, unobtrusive RFID checkpoint devices can be painted over or installed in walls, woodwork or masonry to blend in with a facility’s aesthetics. 

    Event cards enable quick reporting of issues encountered during guard tours

    card holder

    Patrolling guards are the eyes and ears of your facility and can provide early information about issues that need to be addressed. Empower enhanced vigilance by issuing event cards that allow guards to report specific issues such as broken glass, window open, toilet leaking, maintenance required, etc. encountered during guard tours

    The guard simply presents the most appropriate event card to the data collector which records the event description, location, and time of the report. Customize your event cards based on your specific business needs to ensure a safe and secure work environment.  

    Advanced data collector for explosive or hazardous environments

    Designed for hazardous environments, the guardIX II EX is an extra rugged version of our data collector that is Atmosphere Explosible (ATEX) approved. 

    Bearing an “EX” stamp, these data collectors have a low risk of spontaneous combustion and are ideally suited for offshore platforms that handle chemical and petrochemical substances. They’re also water-resistant and meet the EU ATEX directives on safety.

    guardiX II - A rugged data collector that lasts


    Equip your security guards and others requiring proof-of-visit with guardiX II data collectors – high-tech, portable, handheld devices that use the power of RFID technology. With no buttons, switches, or other external moving parts prone to failure, the guardiX II data collectors are as durable as they are powerful.

    • LED and vibration vs. sounder: ideal for noisy environments or places like hospitals that require quiet operation
    • Efficient and intuitive data collection: simply present the data collector to the checkpoint for fast and easy processing
    • Reads up to 500,000 checkpoints from a pair of AA batteries and can share data with any Deister system
    • IP67 rated and operates from -10 to 60 degrees 
    • Special ATEX-approved models available for explosive or hazardous environments

    Reliable and maintenance-free RFID checkpoints

    Deister Electronic’s RFID checkpoints are maintenance-free and do not require any power supply. Small and inconspicuous, the checkpoints can be mounted to any wall or surface and are resistant to fluctuating temperatures, extreme weather, and other environmental factors.

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
    • Durable with zero maintenance required

    Quick and easy data transfers when the guard tour or check-in is complete


    Once a patrol or check-in is complete, it is easy to quickly transfer the data from the data collector to a guardTrans data transfer unit. Connected to a computer via USB port, guardTrans automatically begins to transfer the data once the collector is inserted into the unit.

    To guarantee maximum accuracy, the data collector’s real-time clock is synchronized during the download and LED lights and vibration provide haptic feedback when the transfer is complete.


    Remote collection of data via the Cloud

    guardiX Connect allows you to transmit data immediately after completing each guard tour, without needing the physical data transfer unit. 

    Data is transmitted via the GSM network and securely encrypted via the deister Cloud, allowing complete infrastructure independence.